Geng Pengintip [The Spies] oleh Luis Fernando Verissimo

Bab 7 (petikan) “Mengintip itu menunggu.” Itu kata-kata John Le Carre. Kau posisikan ejen kau di tempatnya dan kemudian tunggu untuk melihat apa yang berlaku, menantikan reaksi daripada mereka yang dintip; menanti ejen mereka untuk muncul dan berharap supaya tidak berlaku perkara yang buruk. Sehingga Rabu, kami masih lagi tidak mendengar apa-apa berita daripada Dubin. […]

Man are born for the solid earth, not for the water

‘This is good too, very good,’ he said, ‘listen to this: “A man should be proud of suffering. All suffering is a reminder of our high estate.” Fine! Eighty years before Nietzsche. But that is not the sentence I meant. Wait a moment, here I have it. This: “Most men will not swim before they […]

“Everything has been merely attempted, nothing completed” (Thomas Bernhard)

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At the same time I had to tell myself that we invariably made excessive demands of everything and everybody: nothing is done thoroughly enough, everything is imperfect, everything has been merely attempted, nothing completed. My unhealthy craving for perfection had come to the surface again. It actually makes us ill if…

“All schools are bad” (Thomas Bernhard)

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All schools are bad and the one we attend is always the worst if it doesn’t open our eyes. What lousy teachers we had to put up with, teachers who screwed up our heads. Art destroyers all of them, art liquidators, culture assassins, murderers of students. From Thomas Bernhard’s novel The Loser.