Mises on Civil Service

From Mises’s Bureaucracy (1944), On p. 79, Most people joined the staff of the government offices because the salary and the pension offered were higher than what they could expect to earn in other occupations. They did not renounce anything in serving the government. Civil service was for them the most profitable job they could […]

Government and Censorship

“Everybody is free to abstain from reading books, magazines, and newspapers he dislikes and to recommend to other people to shun these books, magazines, and newspapers. But it is quite another thing when some people threaten other people with serious reprisals in case they should not stop patronizing certain publications and their publishers.” – Ludwig […]

Negara dan Jenayah

“Jenayah yang paling berat di dalam perbendaharaan kata Negara hampir senantiasanya bukanlah pencerobohan terhadap individu perseorangan mahupun harta pemilikan peribadi, namun bahaya dan ancaman terhadap kesenangan pada kepentingannya sendiri,..” – Murray N. Rothbard (1926 – 1995) – Anatomi sebuah Negara