Ars Poetica :: J. L. Borges

The Floating Library

To gaze at the river made of time and water
And recall that time itself is another river,
To know we cease to be, just like the river,
And that our faces pass away, just like the water.

To feel that waking is another sleep
That dreams it does not sleep and that death,
Which our flesh dreads, is that very death
Of every night, which we call sleep.

To see in the day or in the year a symbol
Of mankind’s days and of his years,
To transform the outrage of the years
Into a music, a rumor and a symbol,

To see in death a sleep, and in the sunset
A sad gold, of such is Poetry
Immortal and a pauper. For Poetry
Returns like the dawn and the sunset.

At times in the afternoons a face
Looks at us from the depths of a mirror;
Art must…

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tidak bertajuk (i)

Aku tak mungkin bisa melukis sebentuk awan dengan kata-kata
namun aku bisa mendatangkan seribu erti dengan hanya beralatkan pena.
Kerana seorang penyair tidak dilahirkan untuk mencipta yang sudah ada
akan tetapi memberi getar rasa yang berbeza pada setiap gapaian derianya.