The Joy

I drank from the white sea,
Wave of peace and serenity,
Of the joy that you seed,
To the heaven and eternity.

26 April 2013
Bandar Baru Bangi

The Joy
The Joy

Found – a poem by Goethe

ONCE through the forest

Alone I went;
To seek for nothing

My thoughts were bent.

I saw i’ the shadow

A flower stand there
As stars it glisten’d,

As eyes ’twas fair.

I sought to pluck it,–

It gently said:
“Shall I be gather’d

Only to fade?”

With all its roots

I dug it with care,
And took it home

To my garden fair.

In silent corner

Soon it was set;
There grows it ever,

There blooms it yet.


(translated by Edgar Alfred Bowring)

The Joy
The Joy